We make it possible for you to get your book out
into the hands of your readers, and create your expert platform
without jumping through hoops.

I’ve been involved in the book industry since 2005, first as an indie bookstore owner, then as an self-published author, then as an events manager for another indie bookstore.

During the process of self-publishing my second book, 21 Templates that Run Your World, I learned more about the publishing world than I ever dreamed existed. I decided that I would become a hybrid* publisher, and make it possible for other authors to get their work out into the world without having to come up to speed on the whole publishing world all at once: proposals, submission rules, formatting, etc.

I have a simple cost structure for creating the books, and for handling royalty payments for all channel sales. Getting your finished book into your reader’s hands and minds takes about 60 days, and packages start at $1200. All printing packages include approximately 100 physical books shipped directly to you, as well as ebook formatting and submission to regular retailers. Marketing and publicity packages also available, starting at $250.  Please fill out the form below to get a quote.

(*A hybrid publisher publishes her own as well as other author’s books in a Print-on-Demand structure, typically receiving a fee for setup and a share of profits from direct book sales; marketing is usually handled by the author.

A traditional publisher publishes books while bearing the entire cost of publishing, fulfillment, editing, design, etc, and pays royalties after those costs have been recouped through sales; they may or may not do marketing depending on the publisher and/or the author.

A self-publisher publishes his books while bearing all associated costs: setup, design, printing, marketing.)



Books published March 2017: